Your fast-track training to Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belts. Live in person/in class, or online. Online on-demand, at your own pace, anywhere (worldwide) for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt — CloserToLean’ most recommended Industry 4.0 training for our clients. 

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100 hours of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt pre-recorded lectures, available in YouTube.  Plus 20 hours more for you to listen live in Zoom, between April to August 2022. About one hour long for each live session (these approximately 20 sessions will be added to the 100 hours already available as of March 2022 in YouTube).



           Online, On-Demand Industry 4.0 Platform

      Our training partner’s popular program, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, can be completed in about three weeks, 2-3 hours each day at your pace.  May take longer or shorter, it depends how soon you can pass each module’s quiz. 

       You cannot proceed to the next module, not until you pass the quiz in the latest module studied.  At the time of CloserToLean’s evaluation of this training program,  the student could not skip modules to jump to the next  — they had to be taken in order.

       After passing the last module’s quiz, student was unable to go back to listen again.  The student was able to review the material, listen again and again, until the quiz questions were satisfactorily answered.

        All downloadable handouts (reading assignments) are yours to keep.

       Our training partners are in the United States of America.                   CloserToLean is based in Canada.

        9131 Keele Street, Concord, Ontario L4K 0G7

             100 Hours of Recorded Sessions plus                     20 Hours Live in Zoom        (from April-August 2022)

          The learner can choose which modules to study first, in any order.  You can skip the modules that you are confident you already have adequate, prior knowledge and a review isn’t needed.
         The more recent 30 hours plus of recorded sessions are spliced into sub-topics that you can choose which ones to view, depending on your preference and needs.
          The first 70 hours or so aren’t split into sub-topics but you may fast forward every now and then, according to your preference.  The recordings are from the weekly sessions, one hour or more each week, held the past couple years.

       Our training partners for this online, on-demand (but not in our U.S. partners’ Industry 4.0 Platform), have decades of broad consulting, industry, and training experience.  They are based in Bangalore, India where the founder of CloserToLean has collaborated on projects for the automotive OEMs in North America (with technical and engineering tasks outsourced in India).

CloserToLean-Six Sigma Consulting Inc.

Who We Are, Our Purpose

CloserToLean-Six Sigma Consulting is in the business of helping companies, and the people within, to be more successful.  Our founder, and we by association, is happy to partner with the Operational Excellence Society, based in the United States but with chapters around the world.

Our founder Vir Alvaran has contributed articles and been published in the OpEx Society’s Body of Knowledge, been featured in the society’s monthly e-newsletters in 2020/2021. In 2022, he was invited to sit in the OpEx Advisory Board, which invitation from founder Joseph E. Paris Jr., Vir was pleased and honored  to accept, to be able to give back more, to the community.

Vir was trained by Accenture, in Business Process Reengineering (BPR). Then trained in Lean Manufacturing at Kentucky, the “go-to” location where many, many Toyota suppliers (members of the Bluegrass Automotive Manufacturers Association, or BAMA) over the years went to be taught and learn The Toyota Way.  Thereafter, Vir received personal training from the Founder & President of Six Sigma Consultants Inc., Greg Brue, who was among the early pioneers of Six Sigma.

Vir was past president of the association of industrial engineers in the Philippines, prior to working for 20 years in North America’s auto parts supply chain.  As recently as March 2022, Vir was in communication with one of his predecessors, Fortunato dela Pena, who is currently a member of the Philippine cabinet, as secretary of the Department of Science & Technology.  Another co-past president of the Philippines IE association also served as DOST secretary two decades earlier.

Vir has retired from full-time active employment, but will continue to assist younger professionals through CloserToLean-Six Sigma Consulting.  He will favorably consider short-term, limited-time engagements to assist smaller scale companies whose owners and employees may have a somewhat limited budget to engage big-ticket consultants and training organizations.

On request, CloserToLean will provide information on the download link for a free 270-page Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Manual.  This is not a substitute, but rather a supplement, to receiving a “hand holding” training from  an experienced CloserToLean consultant.

Since there are many other training organizations and consultants around the world, and we cannot possibly service all potential clients (remotely or on-site in-person), we absolutely encourage continuous improvement professionals to consider other options that may serve their  interest.

We do hope you can benefit from our partner training course providers in the U.S. and India, and our “hand holding” services to help you on your first or a couple Lean Six Sigma project.