What Changed in the 2020’s?

Fire Protection & Life Safety Systems Integrated Testing

It’s time to apply lean six sigma’s mistake-proofing approach in fire protection and life safety systems.  The methodology  had a long and successful history in its broad application across different industries — not only in manufacturing and the health systems but in many other fields.

“Integrated Systems Testing” is a new requirement of the Ontario Building Code, in effect since January 1, 2020 for construction new projects in Ontario. Other provincial jurisdictions across Canada have similar requirements.

CloserToLean and our technical partners–leaders in fire protection and life safety systems–are pleased to provide you our services.


Do you need Integrated Systems Testing?

Our principal and partner offers full, comprehensive ULC-S1001 Integrated Systems Testing (I.S.T.) With several successful projects completed, we are your one-stop shop for all your I.S.T. needs.


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Who We Are, Our Purpose

CloserToLean focused from its inception (early 2020) to lean manufacturing and six sigma consulting.

Beginning the second half of 2023, we shift our focus  to fire protection and life safety systems, after attending two presentations of Vitalis Engineering (in April 2021 and April 2023).

Our founder, Vir Alvaran has sat  in the OpEx Society’s international Advisory Board since 2022, after his writings got published in the Operational Excellence Society’s Body of Knowledge, and has been featured in Vir worked for 20 years (in engineering) for North America’s auto parts supply chain, helping improve the quality and field safety of cars, light trucks, and heavier vehicles.

Active for years until early 2023 with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and the international association,  Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE), Vir now devotes most of his volunteer hours as an executive in the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists (OACETT), which conferred him in 2023 its “Quarter Century Award” for his years of continuous membership and support.

In furtherance of fire protection and life safety, we are pleased to partner with Vitalis Engineering.  The company is a recipient of a  Letter of Congratulations from Markham-Unionville MPP Billy Pang on the occasion of its grand opening in 2021, “to provide excellent engineering consultation experiences to clients and create jobs locally.”

As a local Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering service provider, Vitalis (with CloserToLean, as agent or partner) is happy to provide quality Engineering consultation services to local building owners, developers and managers. 


Quarter Century Award (2023), OACETT
Integrated Systems Testing (2023), Fire Protection Engineering (2020) Certificates
Lui Tang, P.Eng.

Lui Tang, P.Eng., AIFirE, principal consultant at Vitalis Engineering, delivered technical presentations before OACETT members on April 7, 2020 (Fire Protection Engineering) and on April 12, 2023 (Integrated Systems Testing).  As well, Lui delivered continuing professional development seminars/webinars to members of the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

Vir, certified engineering technologist, with decades of professional work experience both in Canada and the Far East, attended both events and did extensive studies on Canadian national, provincial and municipal codes and bylaws materials on fire protection and life safety integrated systems testing.

Lui is a leader in the  profession, with 30 years of Canadian engineering and consulting experience prior to his founding of Vitalis Engineering. Specializing in fire protection engineering and life safety systems, Lui is fluent in Canadian building and fire codes (in different provinces), as well as ULC, National Fire Protection Association (U.S.), and international standards.

He and his team uses their depth of knowledge and expertise to help clients meet code requirements in the design of their fire protection and life safety systems, and in integrated systems testing.

Vir Alvaran, C.E.T.



The first link above is the society’s main page. (Please feel free to visit, and learn more about how you can achieve operational excellence, of which lean and six sigma are two important tools.)  Lean and Six Sigma  methodologies have many applications in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, fire protection and life safety systems.

On the second link, visitors can find all the OpEx Advisory Board members from different countries. Many of them  have contributed to our published Body of Knowledge.) 

There are many members of the Advisory Board, Operational Excellence Society.  The first link above is the society’s main page. (Please feel free to visit either page, and learn more how yhou can achieve operational excellence, of which lean and six sigma are two of the leading tools.) On the second link, visitor can find all the Advisory Board members from different countries, some of them contribute top the published Operational Excellence Body of Knowledge.)  The position of the photographs rotate such that no one is permanently on either the top, bottom, or somewhere in between.