Mission-critical training matters in guiding your organization’s response – and your future career prospects – in the the post-coronavirus business landscape.  We can help you fight your pain points, keep you going – whether you’re on the supply chain front lines, reengineering workflows, or enhancing the state of readiness to beat the pandemic.   

We will help you engineer the “new normal,” when it never has been more important to reduce waste, stabilize variation, improve throughput and manage the production floor. 

Whether you need Black Belt champions or a cadre of Green Belts or Yellow Belts to find the root cause of issues on your manufacturing system, we are here to help you through the crisis.

Get Lean. Be visual. We will help you with 5S Visual Management. 

And “Just-In-Time”/ Lean Manufacturing min-max inventory management.

Reopening Tips 4 U.  If you are still getting ready to reopen for business, our page is a good resource.  if you have already reopened, we can still help you improve and get better with your signs and visual management to protect the health of your employees and customers coming in.

Then we can work with you in becoming Lean. If you think your enterprise is already lean, we’ll help you get closer to a near perfect state, like: Build-to-Ship.

Min-Max Inventory management is crucial to lean manufacturing.  Under the best circumstances, you “build-to-ship” — no finished goods inventory in a warehouse. (From the end of the production line, products made go direct to the Staging Area of the shipping department.)  We actually saw this in a manufacturing plant hosting the trainings for many Toyota suppliers (members of the Bluegrass Automotive Manufacturers Association, or BAMA), in Kentucky, USA. Even if this aspirational goal of no warehouse F/G inventory is not possible for you, for sure we can still find ways to substantially reduce inventory.  We’ll show you how.