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Welcome to our Blog page.  When this site’s home page was originally created in early 2020, it was to advance the knowledge and practice of the Lean Six Sigma methodology of improving operational excellence across organizations and industries. Our chief consultant (and founder) trained and acquired a broad experience in Lean Manufacturing, and later Six Sigma Black Belt level.

As the year 2021 ends, we are positioning to start 2022  away from our focus on Lean Six Sigma consulting, and start on the new path of helping a vital segment of the medical community — by bringing together Pharmaceutical Researchers and study participants or volunteers.  It is a big change from our previous emphasis in manufactured goods mass production efficiencies, to helping clinical research organizations  (CROs) complete studies that will benefit people’s well-being and health.  With our services, CROs within our reach can maintain “leaner staffing levels” to recruit study volunteers who, by the way, are properly compensated for their heroic participation.

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    1. In 2022, and as 2021 fades, CloserToLean-Six Sigma Consulting Inc. will redirect it’s efforts to helping a segment of the medical community–the Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)–maintain a Lean volunteers recruitment staff. We’ll provide auxiliary services to facilitate finding or matching study volunteers for research studies, in lieu of offering Lean Six Sigma training services

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